Final Project Blog
May 2, 2024
We have completed testing the edge cases of registration/login and all associated forms, and they have been re-enabled for member use. Additionally, all pending editor changes have been published. We will begin to populate the Documentation and Source pages of the website.

Note that our site now has a landing page - which will allow users to watch an example of the TuringMachine++ in action before they begin navigating our site.

If you would like to view a plaintext version of the manual or examples pages, visit manual.txt or examples.txt.

In conclusion - this project was a blast, and this website will continue to remain up (and maintained!) for the foreseeable future. For questions, concerns, and feedback regarding this website, contact
- ZP & JS
Support for Games
April 12, 2024
Our TuringMachine++ language is now able to run games. These games will be uploaded to Examples in the near future.
New Programs
April 5, 2024
Our development team is testing the new language features by designing programs with a larger capability set.
Major Site Testing
March 30, 2024
Our project has entered the phase of mainly testing, instead of development. Our testing will focus on the IDE and the language, but will also include the regular functionality of the site.
March 22, 2024
The language has been updated in the Editor, and we will begin to populate the Examples page with sufficient examples to demonstrate the capabilities of the latest working version.
New Functionality
March 14, 2024
Several new topline commands are being added to the TuringMachine++ IDE that will allow user interaction during execution. Many examples are being tested currently, and the changes will be reflected on the site soon.
New Capabiliites
March 11, 2024
The TuringMachine++ language is still being prototyped. Our latest version has support for several new visual and methodical concepts. Alongside that, we have been testing our system to prepare for open registration.
Changing the Language
February 29, 2024
The supporting backend for the TuringMachine++ language is currently being rewritten to add support for more features. It will be updated soon and available to use in the Editor.
The Great Merge
February 18, 2024
Previously, our developers have been working in two separate spaces (referred to internally as 'auth' and 'dev'). Today, we performed the operation of what we call "The Great Merge" - combining both branches into one. This is mainly for preparation of the upcoming conference presentation. Following the Great Merge and the preparation process - we have began working on experimental support by the editor for mobile devices. Please report bugs to

Please keep in mind that user registration is temporarily disabled.
Conference Preparation
February 15, 2024
This week, we began working on our introductory presentation for TuringMachine++. With that, we have nearly finalized user security and began to roll out documentation/examples for user access. We have knocked out some bugs in the TM++ language and adjusted the IDE to include more features. We will begin writing code examples to demonstrate how this project works, and prepare to present at YSU's Pi Mu Epsilon conference on February 24.
Website Progression
February 8, 2024
Our development team has begun drafting a website structure for testing. We have also created, remotely, a working example of the TM++ integrated development environment. We will continue to follow the development cycle.
New Blog Page
February 1, 2024
Greetings, and welcome to the Linedex blog! Here is where we will post weekly updates on Linedex and its affiliated projects. Expect to find news relating to the current status, phase of development, and any upcoming events. Stay tuned for more!

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